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United states of america have been seen in the history trayectory as the prosperous land. People from all the world had immigrate to this country. They had fight for this land. Latinos had contributed to the formation of the U.S. they have the right to reside in it. They arent anymore from other country. They belong to this nation. They become foreigns on their own land. they left they original country for accomplish american dream. Latinos had been figthing for their own future in this “foreign” country. Latino people had left behind their country to get a better life. They had immigrate to U.S. with hope of a better life. Some of they didn’t only left their country for getting better jobs or food but for safety. They had been experimenting …show more content…

They had to face descrimination and also poverty. All the videos talk about latinos beign discriminated by americans. American people showed them that they didn’t want them on their land. Well what they thought was their land, but latinos also have contributed to the creation of this land. They also went to war and they supported the nation. The first language spoken in the cities where latinos resided was spanish. Therefor, they didn’t had a problem with learning english language, They learned it. They weren’t allowed to go to schools. They fight for have privileges to study,as is showed on the videos. They made huelgas until governors accepted latinos on schools and more latino stuff working on schools. America made a law where was established that the universal and only language spoken in the U.S. would be the english. It was a discrimination to the latinos that spoked spanish. However, americans were happy with government decisions. It is amaizing how latinos doesn’t intimidate with trying to learn other unknown language, but americans not even try just because their arrogant believes of latinos beign steling their …show more content…

but my parents rised me at mexico. I learned english as my second languuage. I remember one day in high school a classmate told me that as I was a mexican I couldn’t engaged on his circle. He may said that because of my acent, but at least I try to speak english. He made me cry that day. He apologize later when I ask him to have a spanish conversation with me and he wasn’t able not even to said a sentence. Cuba a country ruled for years by the regime f castro. They hope that with the renewal treaty of the U.S. and Cuba they may be compessated for all those years living under Castro’s government. They hope to get back their properties, and be able to live in peace. Cubans may not stop dreaming about a day they can be free from all the oppresion of its governor. Probably when that day finally arrives, they will stop trying to immigrate to U.S. and they will stop risking their lives. In the future latinos may acomplish their goal to be treated equally as American citizens, however, they will never stop fighting. Latinos had been fighting alots of years ago, and this fighting hasn’t come to an end. We live in a world where humans are always competing. They will never stop looking us the latinos as the stealers of their good life. It would be more easy if we look at each other as humans, not with racism or hate, at the end we are the same. We are human people. We have the same rights to get or try to live a better paceful

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