Laura's Law Case

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What if there was a law that could minimize, even stop all mass shootings eventually? “Laura’s Law was named for 19-year-old Laura Wilcox, who was killed in 2001 by a psychiatric client at a clinic in Nevada City. The state passed Laura’s Law in 2002 but left it up to counties to choose to implement it. For a while, only Nevada County did” (Dembosky 2). Laura’s death affected many, causing people to feel obligated to stop it from happening to anyone else. While many think Laura’s law is not ethical due to forcing mentally ill to take medication or get help against their will, it is meant to improve the quality of their own lives, and the lives of those around them in the long run. People with mental illness would refuse to get the help they …show more content…

Jaffe says, “Laura 's Law reduced incarceration 78%, Laura 's Law reduced hospitalization 86%, Laura 's Law reduced hospitalization 77% even after discharge from Laura 's Law” (2). Laura’s law, not only reduces incarceration and hospitalization but improve mentally ill’s health to go back to live a normal life. Many have voluntarily entered the treatment and all have improved, no bad results. They only admit people who really need the program, so no one is accidently put into it. Marisa Taylor from Aljazeera America wrote, “They have to be really impaired,” said Jo Robinson, behavioral health director at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, who oversees CIPP. “You’re heading in the direction of a locked facility, which really doesn’t help you get better in your community. Our goal is to help people be resilient and to be able to live in San Francisco as a resident of San Francisco, not someone that’s locked away in a hospital” (3). So let’s not just take them away and forget about it, we should start helping each and everyone one of the people in need. Together, we can make a difference in the world and improve life for the

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