Lavi's Argumentative Essay

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Lavi is a Bookman in training and an exorcist, meaning he possesses several powers and abilities. eidetic memory | Both naturally intelligent and highly trained, Lavi has a photographic memory. He identifies one real key from hundreds of counterfeits in minutes only using his one eye and provides comprehensive details of past occurrences. education | As a Bookman 's apprentice, Lavi has a vast arrange of general knowledge. medicine | He has been formally taught and practiced first aid as well as specific medicinal remedies. emotional distancing/acting | In general, his distancing and acting techniques are successful, with him only recently encountering difficulties and succumbing to emotional outbursts. magic mysterious or maybe actually just normal right eye ( ? ) | His eye is not injured but rather the "key" reason he was selected as Bookman, …show more content…

Fears, Weaknesses:
inability to fulfill his role | Lavi is acutely aware of his shortcomings, particularly his growing emotional attachments and attraction to the exorcists ' side of the war. If he gives in to these perceived weaknesses, he will be unable to become the Bookman, failing himself and the current Bookman, his venerated mentor. To an extent, he also worries that he will fail in his role as an exorcist, proving unable to protect innocents. losing his friends | Friends like Lavi 's, who live on the battlefield (Allen, Lenalee, Kanda, even Bookman), are always in danger, heightening Lavi 's stress and emotional fragmentation. allen becoming the 14th | His friend Allen Walker is a vessel for the 14th Noah, slowly losing himself along the way. Lavi treasures Allen to the point of carrying a memento after Allen 's perceived loss and never returning it. He is deeply concerned for his fate (and equally worried that he will intervene on Allen 's behalf, when he should not). revealing his secrets/weaknesses | Lavi is naturally suspicious and reserved, desperately hoping to keep his internal fracturing to

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