Law Enforcement Cameras Mandatory Essay

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C’mon Make Law Enforcement Cameras Mandatory Law enforcement cameras should be mandatory to catch criminals doing illegal actions and in doing so can keep the environment safer for everyone. Law enforcement cameras should be mandatory because they help catch the people that are doing illegal things that can disturb and also be dangerous to other people. The cameras can catch people stealing, shooting things that are not suppose to shot at, and also people jumping others in alleys and sketchy neighborhoods especially. The cameras can be good because if a cop was wearing a body camera and did something wrong, like all the police brutality cases on the news, the camera will actually catch them doing the crime and then they can’t deny doing…show more content…
It is not ok for people to sometimes lie about false actions police or even citizens do and if law enforcement cameras become mandatory then this will slowly stop happening because there will be proof. If the cameras become legal then people should know about them. They have a right to know they are being watched. This is actually a good thing though because it is proven that when people know they are being recorded they tend to act calmer and more cooperative.
These cameras can be very valuable for identifying witnesses that had been at the crime or even catch something an officer hadn’t seen. When asking Officer Sanders the question mentioned above, he stated, “The only real flaw about them is they don’t always capture everything the officer may observed or in some situations, they may actually capture something the officer didn’t see or perceive. In other words, based on where the camera is positioned on the officer, it may capture an angle or direction the officer wasn’t actually looking at. It is always better to have more than one camera activated as it can help show a fuller picture of what was occurring.” Without the cameras you may not have anyone for a witness, if there weren’t other cameras around. Even if you were a witness at a crime, that doesn’t mean you would want to tell the police what happened because you might try to protect the victim, so with the cameras they would make you answer some questions, and hopefully you would answer
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