Summary Of The Article Body Cameras Will Stop Police Brutality

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Police brutality has been a raging topic ever since the Ferguson case and officers using excessive force can be stopped by using body cameras to see a cops’ every move. In the article, “Body Cameras Will Stop Police Brutality”, the author brings to concern issues of excessive force to subdue a suspect. The author comments, “Having a video record of events not only deters the use of excessive force, but it also helps dispute or demonstrate claims of police brutality” (Body Cameras Will Stop Police Brutality 1). Having a video recording of an event can save a police officer's job or destroy it. By being a cop who follows the rules and does the right thing, an officer will not have to change his or her behaviors and will continue being himself or herself. …show more content…

Furthermore, author Charles Rabin writes about a situation that occurred when a cop was wrong. Rabin describes, “And just Monday, Miami Beach police Detective Philippe Archer was docked a month’s pay after surveillance video caught him kicking and then punching a woman in the face who had already been handcuffed and was standing outside a Miami Beach hotel” (2). Not only does a police officer need to be protected, but so does the offender. The detective should not have hurt the woman already in handcuffs because she had been subdued and was not aggressive. It was cruel and unfair to the woman, therefore body cameras are a must to defend those who cannot defend themselves from a law enforcer. Police body cameras are a necessity for the protection of the perpetrator from an officer that is using excessive force to get him or her to calm down and obey orders. People need to feel safe and should not feel afraid of the cops when they are doing nothing wrong, by using body cameras everyone is and feels

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