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Site Location The location of our site is in Bartow County, Georgia. This site is best known as the Leakey Site. It was an archaeological resource survey of proposed widening along state route 61. The two site locations we decided to focus our research on are 9BR663 and 9BR665. Environmental Setting The area of the Leakey Site is within 3.1 miles of the Cherokee Upland District and Hightower-Jasper Ridges District of the Piedmont Province, winding around the east side of Cartersville from the northeastern to the southwest along the Cartersville Fault. This is a major physiographic boundary between the sedimentary formations of the Southern Valley and Ridge Section and the igneous and metamorphic formations of the Southern Piedmont Section, …show more content…

Species known to have inhabited the forests of the Great Valley include numerous mice, rats, moles, and shrew, grey squirrel, fox squirrel, southern flying squirrel, cottontail rabbit, marsh rabbit, otter, muskrat, opossum, long tailed weasel, bobcat, red fox, grey fox, polecat, striped skunk, beaver, raccoon, black bear, red wolf, cougar, white tailed deer, turkey, quail, dove, a variety of hawks, golden and bald eagles, vulture, water fowl, and migratory birds, pileated and the now extinct ivory billed woodpecker, and a variety of turtles, frogs, toads and …show more content…

Winters generally have few extended periods of continuous freezing temperatures and relatively few periods of snow fall. The forest free season is approximately 200 days long. Rainfall is moderate, averaging four to five inches per month. March and December are the wettest months, while June, August, October, and November are the driest months on average. Heavy rainfall of over seven or eight inches occasionally fall in one month, resulting in excessive soil erosion at fields that are left exposed. Prior to the construction of the Allatoona Reservoir, periodic flooding of the Etowah River deposited sediment onto or scoured sediment away from the

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