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Stop 1 – Stinky Cove/Fossil Point. After loading the bus we headed east on Cape Arago Highway until we got to fossil point. We parked and unloaded the bus and began walking along the small exposed sandy beach. At the bend we stopped and were asked to find a fossil, as I wandered around I couldn’t find much other than the ground up shells mixed in with the seaweed and sand. As we continued to walk we came to another spot where we were able to observe scallop fossils mixed with the rock it was coarse and grainy much like sandpaper. We walked along the beach a little more and talked and looked at the location of a whale skull that used to be buried in the sand. The rock was actually much smoother than . We also took a look at some possible bones and skeletal remains along with concretions. The concretions were rather large comparable to smart car in size. Concretions are solid masses formed around some type of matter that will change the chemistry of the rock slightly, helping it become harder and less susceptible to erosion. At the point we saw a former boat …show more content…

Here we were able to observe cliffs from a side view being able to see the variation in colors of the layers. Also we were able to notice possible erosion spots, for example the cliffs at Sunset beach look as if they could have been connected. We also talked about more native history, Louis Simpson a sort of hero in the Coos Bay/North Bend area bought the land out a Shore Acres. With piece of property but no road Simpson asked a native women whose property would have to be used to build a road to which she politely declined. Simpson who would take no as an answer donated land to the state who forcefully took the land from the native women so they could build a road. Simpson was successful in getting the road he wanted for his property. Back on the bus we made our way to always amazing Shore

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