Letter To Judy Jones

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Dear Judy,

This seems to be a letter that you have never expected to see. We haven't seen each other for years then you might think I have never thought about you anymore. Clearly, based on the fact that I'm even writing this letter, that's not true. In our relationships, we all leave marks on one another. Whether they are good or bad, we still remember those marks to some degree either consciously or unconsciously.

As for the two of us, it seems that we left plenty of marks on each other back in our old days.
Just a few days ago, Devlin, one of my business associate, informed me that you had married his friend, Mr. Simms, who apparently doesn’t treat you well. I am horrified to hear your story and I think to myself that something important has gone forever, I am no longer the idealistic young man who loved you, Judy Jones.

Almost everything that I experienced is visualized in my mind. Reliving myself at the age of fourteen, I worked as a caddy at the Sherry Island Golf Club in Black Bear, Minnesota. There was the day when I was caddying at the golf course, I met you. At the sight of you, Judy, I decided to quit my job. I resolved to follow my dream to become the kind of man who would fit into your wealthy world. …show more content…

It's my fortune as I ended up doing pretty well for myself. I made tons of money and started hanging out with the wealthy families of Sherry Island. I met you for the second time when you accidentally hit one of my golf companions in the abdomen with a golf ball. And then somewhere along the way, I had changed. I ditched my fiancée Irene for you. When I left Irene behind, I felt some guilt, of course, but mostly even though I like Irene and her family, her sadness isn't a pretty enough image to make me feel truly guilty about leaving her

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