Argumentative Essay: The Lewis Model

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Lewis Model Argumentative Essay The essay mainly introduces three categories of countries written by an authoritative linguist Lewis, in order to help readers to reduce culture shock and explore the world’s economy. Of these three types, the first one is “Linear-actives” and the second is “Multi-actives”. The last one is “Reactives”. While my classmates disagree with these three patterns, I am in favor of Lewis. The reason is that he illustrates and summarizes typical differences between different countries. Still, I also think his model can be improved and developed. As Lewis pointed out this categorization of national norms does not change significantly over time.[1] Therefore, we can trace how a nation or country behaves back to their …show more content…

As we can see in the chart,there are countries between two kinds of models, which will contribute doubt and puzzle to readers, to some extent. Therefore, I will give my constructive suggestion here as follows. First, we should use statistics to prove the chart and add additional information to improve it. Even if there are not every countries in the middle of two patterns, we still should classify different ranks or extent for each model. The details are that Lewis is supposed to evaluate three models and do some researches for them. He concludes three types according to history and culture. Of course, they are sure to be necessary elements but it is believed that data is the most convincing factor. Therefore, at the same time, using statistics to advance his model is a very useful way. In this way, we can get a certain number to get a demarcation line, which can judge whether it still belongs to this model. The next step I want to refer to is set up new models for the countries in the middle of two models. It may include countries which do not reach the number in the first step into new models. In the end, he should give us risk coefficient. Sometimes, we will probably miss important chances due to a small inappropriate behavior in business and social communication. Risk coefficient will give us consideration and standard to measure whether to take risk of using this

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