Lgbtq + Community Reflection

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Before the presentation in class, I’ve had few experiences with the LGBTQ+ community. For myself living on cape cod, I would take trips every summer with my family to Providence town. Providence town is known to be the best-know gay summer resort on the east coast. The best part of being there was to see the pride these men and female people had on their social orientation. They were not scared to hide their true self. I remember a specific time I was there walking through all the shops and passed two gay men roller blading across the boardwalk holding hands. This shows their bravery to go out and be a minority in a world that views gays as a sin. There are nude beaches everywhere across the town. The tip of cape cod is very out and proud …show more content…

It’s never been an issue in my life and I have always supported their views. The knowledge I did receive from the presentation is how many words people uses that are synonyms of the word “gay”. Faggot is the most used word on twitter. This is very eye opening because people don’t realize how much that affects people in the LGBTQ+ community. Even though people might not be targeting gays, the word is still not appropriate. I believe societal perceptions and biases of the LGBTQ+ have impacted my views by having an environment with many being against gays. Gays have many stereotypes that people perceive them as. For example, female hockey players; For myself, being a college hockey player, I am stereotyped as being gay. This is because people look at female athletes as being masculine and more of a typical “guy” than a girl. Stereotypes cause quick judgment that the majority of them are completely false. I think society’s perceptions impact the way individuals are treated. Being a college student and seeing the way people treat gays is sad to me. I see a lot of people distant and un-friendly to those who like the opposite sex. This is again because of the stereotype this generation has on

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