Life In America By Walt Whitman Literary Devices

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Walt Whitman writes a poem about life in America, and what is done to survive and prosper. Literary devices are shown by Whitman when he uses figurative language like metaphors and personification in the poem. Personification is being utilized when the author compares America to the workers singing while they work. The metaphors mentioned in the poem are of the workers singing, but being happy that they have a job and are working. There are other ways the author particularly places certain elements in the poem that give bigger meaning. He uses these devices to make the reader feel a certain way, paint a picture, and give better reasoning. Even some irony because even though not many want to work because it makes themselves unhappy, they must work to make themselves happy. One of the many sources I used (Canan), explains just how Whitman sets the tone. The word singing gives readers a reason to be happy and joyful while also using hearing as a word to give the reader an image that they can see and hear what the author is talking about. “Working for the ones we love” (Canan), is said in one of the sources I found showing that although they are tired, they have all the reasons to keep going. When all of this …show more content…

That gives off a message to others that America is a happy place and that the workers are just happy that they have an opportunity to be whatever they want. Another reason the author implemented literary devices is because it will also show the reader how the author feels. The author is happy, and he values workers and even regular people. “It shows the work life of different people but in the end, everyone is working together to operate our country” (Ford). This was from one of my sources where it gives information about how Whitman used this literary device to show the reader exactly where he stands. Everything he is mentioning is for people to lighten their thought up of America and what it

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