Lilith's Demons: A Symbol Of Evil

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Demons are a major religious symbol in several world religions. Demons are usually depicted as evil beings that punish sinners or cause chaos in the world. There are many prominent demons that receive special attention in religious scriptures. One such demon, named Lilith is one of these demons that receives special attention in Jewish scriptures. Lilith shows up mostly in the Talmud and Midrash parts of Jewish scripture (Hirsch, Emil, et al.). Lady Lilith a painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti shows off important aspects of Lilith 's nature. Another painting that shows off Lilith 's nature is Lilith a painting by John Collier. Lilith is a prominent and important demon in Jewish scripture, and is represented in many art pieces which show off…show more content…
Demons play a large part in this religious concept, as demons are believed to be the punishers of evil and can create evil in the world. Demons also represent the overall evil in the world and the evil that is inside people. Demons are overall a symbol of evil and sin in Judaism. Lilith, an important demon in Judaism is one of these demons that creates evil. Lilith typically appears as a demon of the night, as suggested by her Hebrew name, she is also usually depicted as a attractive woman (Hirsch, Emil, et al.). Lilith goes about at night, creating terror and evil in the world. Lilith is usually said to terrorize those that sleep alone in a room, snatch babies, and seduce men at night (Hirsch, Emil, et al.). These acts show how demons are depicted in Jewish scripture; specifically how Lilith is depicted as one of the most vile demons in Jewish scripture. These acts show how malicious Lilith is because of sleeps importance to humans, babies and how precious and important they are to their families and society; and how female promiscuity is seen as dishonorable and horrible to the old societies. Lilith has…show more content…
Demons symbolize all that is evil the world; demons are said to punish evil doers and create chaos and evil throughout the world. One of the most prominent demons in Jewish scripture is the night dwelling demon Lilith. She is one of the major demons because she represents the major evils that people of the old eras feared. Lilith is represented in two paintings, Lilith by John Collier, and Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. These two paintings are contrasts to each other as they show off different aspects of Lilith 's demonic features. Lady Lilith shows off Lilith 's beauty and showcases how she is able to seduce men, yet showing off her overall beauty. Lilith is a painting which shows off the demons true demonic nature as she takes the figure of a snake to coerce a woman into carrying out evil deeds. Overall, Lilith is a symbol of evil in Jewish scripture, and the two paintings by Collier and Rossetti show off the different evils that Lilith
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