Literary Analysis Of Susan Minot's 'Lust'

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Lust is having a strong sexual desire. In the story “Lust,” Susan Minot writes about the indiscretion of a young high school female student. She provides the reader with short, simple sentences that describe each of the indiscretions the young lady endures through her time in school. As the reader involves themselves into the story, it becomes clear that the title changes in its description as the narrator becomes regretful of her indiscretions and eventually pain and sorrow follow suit. That concept provides for research of the author to dissect her interpretations and how the reader should enjoy her style of writing. In my analysis of Susan Minot 's "Lust", I will be using the biographical and physiological strategies to show how the author…show more content…
The ability to understand how an author writes their stories, the reader must first understand an author’s biography. Susan Minot was born on December 7, 1956 in Manchester, Massachusetts (Susan Minot). The region she was born in provides the reader the context of her writings and can understand how she wants a reader to view her stories. Her educational background included Brown University, where she received her B.A. degree and later attended Columbia University, where she received her M.F.A. (Susan Minot). Most of her career has been around the writing process which is where she developed her own style of writing. Minot’s career has involved being an Associate editor at Grand Street (1982-86) and an adjunct professor at NYU (1987) and Columbia University (1989) (Susan Minot). Through her work she has provided the reader with an abundant amount of literary work, based from her region and focusing on her feminine aspects in life. Some of her works include “Monkeys,” “Folly,” “Evening,” “Lust and Other Stories,” and a screenplay called “Sleeping Beauty” (Susan Minot). With the understanding of who the writer is through her biography, the facts allow the reader to interpret her writing style, which makes her work enjoyable to
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