Veronika Decides To Die Analysis

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B. Factors Influencing Suicidal Attempt
Literary conflict includes internal conflict, also called man versus self-conflict and external conflict which includes man versus man, man versus nature, man versus society and man versus fate. The way conflict is used and how the conflicts are resolved are all determined by the type of story being told.
In Veronika Decides to Die the major conflict of the story is Veronika’s suicidal attempt, it might be caused by some internal factors and external factors. The internal factors are within Veronika’s self-conflict. While external factors of Veronika’s suicide might come from the impact of the society and culture. On Veronika’s caser the problems were upon Veronika and her society. As she tend to alienate …show more content…

Veronika is an introvert character. Therefore, this personality latter on drove her to be completely powerless. She tend to keep her feeling rather than share it to others. She isolate her selves from any relationship, she prefer to stay in her rent room to read or watching the same old programs alone rather than hanging out with her friends. She likes to pretend that she is fine and makes other people thinks that her life runs perfectly. However, the true feeling inside her heart were on the opposite. She do had problems, whether it comes from her past life or her recent daily life.
“I’ll try to read a book, turn on the TV to see the same old programs, set the alarm clock to wake up at exactly the same time I woke up the day before, and mechanically repeat my tasks at the library. Then I’ll go back to work; I’ll listen to the gossip about who’s going out with whom, who’s suffering from what, how such and such a person was in tears about her husband, and I’ll be left with the feeling that I’m privileged: I’m pretty, I have a job, I can have any boyfriend I choose. So I’ll go back to the bars at the end of the day, and the whole thing will start again.” (p.

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