Literary Conflict And Internal Factors In Veronika's Suicide

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B. Factors Influencing Suicidal Attempt
Literary conflict includes internal conflict, also called man versus self-conflict and external conflict which includes man versus man, man versus nature, man versus society and man versus fate. The way conflict is used and how the conflicts are resolved are all determined by the type of story being told.
In Veronika Decides to Die the major conflict of the story is Veronika’s suicidal attempt, it might be caused by some internal factors and external factors. The internal factors are within Veronika’s self-conflict. While external factors of Veronika’s suicide might come from the impact of the society and culture. On Veronika’s caser the problems were upon Veronika and her society. As she tend to alienate herself from the society and prefer to life alone. As Individual feeling of despairs and culture might affect the tendency of suicide. Culture provides a set of rules and standards that are shared by members of a society. These rules and standards shape and determine the range of appropriate behavior. (Takahashi, 2001)
1. Internal Factors
Patients who are aware on the feelings of despair, hopelessness, and worthlessness also require special attention. Certain researchers attach great importance to patients’ feelings of despair as a predictor
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Living in a monotonous life can make someone’s feel bored and losses the meaning of life, as there is nothing different on the days by days of their life. Moreover when those monotonous life happened within a loneliness. In Veronika’s case, those repeated activities happened for a long period. Although she never cares on it, but all of those conditions makes her losing the meaning of life and droves her down into an existential loneliness. Then, the way she chose to be an introvert girl takes a big contributions towards her idea on attempting to commit

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