Literary Criticism Of Hurricane By Bob Dylan

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Song Analysis: “Hurricane” by Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan is one of the modern elites of American musical history who has been lifted high by his distinctive and unique singing voice. He is an iconic songwriter full of thought-provoking and controversial lyrics that has attracted and driven many people to appreciate his expensive body of work. He was born in 1941 as Robert Zimmerman in Duluth, Minnesota then changed his name to Bob Dylan in 1961 after moving to New York City. Bob started his musical career by highlighting themes on political background, composing protest songs as well as being an acoustic type guitar player, founding his repute as free-thinking artist. Bob then changed his style of singing to societal-minded songwriting in 1976 by releasing an album that contained a thrilling mega-truck “Hurricane”. The song is a masterpiece and a narrative that marries the Marxist theory with which it establishes a platform on which Bob`s influence and literary style is examined. Upon exploring on critics and the examination of the song “Hurricane” by Bob Dylan, it reveals the modern social elements of equity and race in the society. Thus, it is from the metaphor, language, literary aspects of genre as used in the song and Bob`s individualistic and unique songwriting that has raised the plateau of his excellence and made him the most influential modern artist in the United States and across the world. “Hurricane” describes the events happening in New Jersey bar in the presence of

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