Literature Review On Performance Management

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In general, the management actions have various affects and impacts on the results in both of the public and private organizations. On the other hand, I will focus on the private sectors management tools only and particularly in Majan L.L.C, such as the performance management.
But first what is performance management? This literature review will examines and illustrates its definition along with, how the performance management influences performance outcomes in private industry showing that many factors expected to diminish or enhance the effects of performance management.
Performance management is a continuous process of defining, strictly measuring in different aspects and foremost improving the performance in organizations
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Is it in fact clearly planned by the management or not? What are some of the common activities to consider? And if they are effective or not? And lastly, what should be done in Majan Company to make them more effective as a result to achieve more and becoming more successful in the future.
Note that many organizations have what is called a ‘performance management’ system and implement it. Whereas, firstly we have to differentiate between performance management and performance appraisal as both of them can’t be distinguish by many. As a matter of fact, performance management system is not about including employee evaluations once a year, without an ongoing effort to provide feedback, along with coaching so that overall result is a well-improved and favorable performance. On the other hand, this instead is about the performance appraisal system. One brief examples about the performance appraisal is the systematic description of the employee’s strengths along with his/her weaknesses; in addition to that, it’s actually a significant component of performance management, so the performance appraisal is nothing less than an important part of a whole. (Aguinis,
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During the performance planning process, managers should review and discuss these behavioral standards with employees. It is important for managers to make sure employees understand how the behavioral standards relate to their specific jobs (Elaine D. Pulakos, 2004).
2) Results Expectations:

The results or the targeted goals to be achieved by employees should be aligned with the organization’s strategies and goals. The employee’s development needs should also be considered in the setting process of goals. By contrast, development goals can be targeted either in two ways, one way is to improve the current job performance, the other way is to prepare for career advancement (Elaine D. Pulakos, 2004).
2- Ongoing
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