Little Red Riding Hood Vs Goldilocks Essay

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Most people remember the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. These stories are told to children at young ages. The stories are very different. The characters make different decisions. Some decisions are good, while others are not the best. The characters, Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks, are both young in the stories, so you can’t expect them to make the best decisions, but they both need to be more careful. First, both Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks were traveling through the forest on their own. This isn’t a bad decision, but they could’ve been smarter about their choices. In Red Riding Hood, she was walking in the woods on the way to her grandma’s house. Goldilocks, however, made a very dangerous decision …show more content…

Every child hears “Don’t talk to strangers.” Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks did not remember the things they were taught about strangers. Red Riding Hood met a woodcutter in the woods and talked to him. The woodcutter wasn’t a bad guy, but she couldn’t have known that and it could’ve been dangerous, even though he saved her life. Goldilocks disobeyed the rule about strangers very much. She didn’t talk to strangers, but she entered a stranger’s house, ate their food, broke one of their chairs, and slept in their beds. They both made the same decision towards the end of the story to run away. In Red Riding Hood’s story, she ran away from a threat. Goldilocks ran out of the bears house, but not because of a threat. She ran away because she feared getting caught by the bears. If they both hadn’t ran away, then they’d both be in a lot of trouble. In conclusion, by looking at both of the girls’ decisions, I can conclude that Red Riding Hood’s decisions were better. Red Riding Hood made responsible decisions. Goldilocks on the other hand, made very poor decisions. Both could’ve been smarter about their decision of walking through the forest alone. Their decisions show how different they

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