Lloyd's Diary Journal Analysis

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Lloyd 's Diary journal
How to start this... I guess I can just give a summary of my life so far.
I was born to Yvonne Erikson and Morgan Lovett ten years ago but was raised by my grandparents; Emelie and Lucas; and my sister Elisabet and her husband Mathias.
Wow sister, I’m still not used to calling her that but I guess no one is expecting me to after all I was raised calling her mom It wasn’t until today that I found out that she was my sister.
I’m still not a hundred percent sure how come I’m being raised by my sister but from what I could gather Morgan was “Way too young” to take care of me and Yvonne is in jail.
I really don’t know what to think about this after all Mom (Elisabet) was seventeen when when she gave birth to Catherine and grandma and grandpa was fifteen when she gave birth to Yvonne.
So how young was Morgan for even my grandpa to
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It worked, and the faceted design in the middle made it a solid crystal. What I don’t understand is that the crystal feels ice cold, but yet I feel a different type of magic coming from it. Healing magic. Does this mean that I can use this crystal heal others in much the same way a circle would? But if that is so; can it heal as much as that healing circle would? This is something I have to test!

It worked! The healing was as strong as it would have been if it was a circle, but mom complained that it was to cold, and if a regular person had it used on them it would have given them frostbite. But still, it worked! Unfortunately it’s too cold, any water that touches it freezes. Is there a way to make it so that the Ice element to be weaker? and if so can I also adjust the healing abilities of the crystal? Let 's see...

The healing element should make it to where the water will not freeze, and the wood element should make it to where both the effects of the healing element and the ice element will spread to nearby substances but it will only work as long as it is in ice form. How will this affect the
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