1984 Winston's Diary Entry Analysis

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Winston in the coming future, consider this as a memorandum for yourself. Before anyone else finds it and reads it, I hope you do.

We share a common name: Winston Smith. As I progress with this entry, I am getting more prone to danger second by second. This is because, according to “his” beliefs, I have committed several crimes likes Doublethink, ownership of illegal items, Thoughtcrime and the mere fact of having feelings. Yes “his”: Big Brother’s beliefs. He knows, they know, what I am up to and they’ll catch me, sooner or later.

But now, let’s come to the point. As you’re reading this diary, you are probably brainwashed by now by the party (Room 101). You love the party and you will do anything they ask you to do, for them and for “him”, won’t you? You love Big brother more than anything else, don’t you? But put this clearly in your brainwashed head, everything is a lie! Whatever the party has told you; all of it is nothing but a lie. …show more content…

In this, the protagonist, Winston Smith, writes a diary entry to himself before he gets brainwashed. The dairy basically talks about his knowledge of the totalitarian rule of the party and Big brother and how it must be brought to end. His main motive in doing so is to regain his knowledge after he is brainwashed. He does so to sustain his rebel against the party.

This text is mainly linked to the theme of use of “language in media”, which was a profound part of our course. In the entry, Winston tries explain as to how the party and Big brother use different forms of media to spread their propaganda, which will lead them to ultimate power. He also makes an attempt to instigate mutual feelings in Winston smith of the future. The overall tone in the diary entry is more or less plane sailing. In most part of the entry it is very dour with some parts giving a feeling of fear to the

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