Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Do to William Golding’s book Lord of the Flies, shows how chaotic the world would be without a society to hold us together. The symbols in the book help show the theme of the book and how the people are affected. There are many symbols and different it affected the story to cause mayhem. In the novel, examples of the theme is Jack and Ralph who are most affected and show the theme. They are complete opposites of each other and cause many conflicts to come up do to their different ideals. Jack is a symbol of savageness and anarchy. In the story, the group chants, “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!” (pg. 162) This was happening when Ralph and Piggy check out the other tribe and kill Simon due to the heat of the moment. This quote helps show the savagery of not just Jack, but also of the kids themselves. The tribe only worries about is hunting pigs and killing “the beast.” They do not care about make a livable society and trying to rescue them. The tribe just want to have fun and be care free in their own way. This is connected to the theme of the story because Jack’s tribe shows how …show more content…

In the story Ralph says, “(…) Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things.” (pg. 22) This quote happened during the begging when the kids were trying to start their first society and decided they needed someone to lead. This shows how Ralph was trying to get the kids together and work to make a society for the kids in case of the worst case scenario. He didn’t want to see the kids go off by themselves and do whatever they wanted, because if this was to happen then the kids could become savages ( as we see happens later on in the story). This is connected to the theme because it shows what society and morals does to us. He wants them to work together to make a strong society and get rescued from the island by the way of smoke. He also wants to make sure the littluns are not scared by their own

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