Lost Children Of Sudan Research Paper

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The Lost Children of Sudan should remain in Sudan because Sudan’s government needs to repair their country. Neighboring countries and continents should aid them with their problems and be more involved to prevent the wars that are producing child soldiers. Sudan is still suffering from multiple long civil wars that are on and off since 1955. During the wars, the armies would train children at any age under 18 to operate a gun and kill the opposing side. These children became the “Lost Children of Sudan.” Even though the country split into two countries, Sudan and South Sudan, the conflict still remained. Other countries should help these children by targeting the source of the problem and either arrest the guilty or help make a compromise …show more content…

Children under the age of 18 are learning how to use a rifle before learning how to read and write. Because of this, Sudan’s crops suffer, leading to famine. These are only a couple ways in which how the wars are affecting the countries. If this continues, then their children will know nothing but violence and starvation. From the battles, people are fleeing their homes in fear, but not everyone makes it far enough to escape the wars. “Just over 620,000 people have escaped to neighboring countries in search of safety, but most are trapped inside the warring nation.” (Mercy Corps) These people have lost everything and if nothing changes, they will eventually lose their lives. If their government can be an end to the bloodshed, then people can start to feel safe again, start to plant their crops, and children can receive an education. If the child soldiers learn another way to stop the wars, then they can turn their way of life around. Since there are more children in the wars, they could affect the outcome of the wars and maybe stop them all together. (SOS Children’s Villages) Ger Duany is an incredible example of a former child soldier that persevered and took action against the Sudan violence. “It was never easy, but I always tried my best and kept complaints out of my heart by holding tightly onto the hope that one day, I would read and write. This is a dream for many boys and girls who were born on the battlefields of Sudan simply because during the civil war there were no schools at all,” said Ger Duany in a CNN article. The children need to know that there is another way to solve problems and that knowledge of different views is important to finding their voice or opinion. Strength in numbers applies to their situation and it could allow the children to save their

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