Lost In Society In 'Fahrenheit 451' By Ray Bradbury

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Lost in Society The author of the book Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, has once said that in our society “We bombard people with sensation. That substitutes for thinking”. Sensation is an indefinite body reaction to something you enjoy or show interest or excitement in. When people are given a sensation, it ceases someone 's thinking. In society today, everyone is looking for their own euphoria. This causes them to only do the things they like and leaving behind thinking. Books are included in this because the more that people stop caring, the more distracted everyone gets by everything else. Sensation overrules thinking because people are provided new technology and easier ways of doing things. New technology has made people override their thinking because it is more interesting to younger people than using their brain. Everyone has different tastes and activities that they enjoy, and tv is one of them. Most people would rather sit down and watch their favorite tv show than read a book. People find it more entertaining and see it as less work. Others could say that it is much easier to multitask while watching tv. People are getting lazy because it may be “too much work” or “too hard” to figure things out on their own or use their brain. Technology has made things easy, you just have to process the images of what is on a screen which is much easier than trying to make your own images and scenarios when reading a book. Phones are another example of technology that is a

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