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“This is our land! It isn’t a piece of pemmican to be cut off and given in little pieces to us. It is ours and we will take what we want.” (voices and visions chapter 8 pg.181, poundmaker in the english tongue) The Cree and many Métis believed that the land was theirs and they were entitled to it. The controller of the Métis was well respected among their ranks and among the Cree and French he was a sign of hope. The herald to the Métis was a large threat to the people of eastern Canada and was becoming a large nuisance to them. Louis Riel brought daylight to the night in the Métis communities but gave no mercy to the edge of the blade pressed on the Canadians throats. The leader, Louis Riel, was a threat to the English Protestants and those …show more content…

The doyen of the Métis may have helped slow westward expansion but couldn’t keep himself in check during his fight. He may have been the harbinger for the Métis but he had gone crazy during this ordeal and almost got himself killed due to his insubordination which led him to fleeing the country. He was a rector for the Métis but imagine what he was doing in offense to the protestants such as ordering the death of a good man. Thomas scott was put on trial and was found guilty of his charges and was ultimately “placed in front of a firing squad and supposedly killed” (pg. 184, voices and visions grade seven, chapter eight, French and English take sides, final paragraph). Not only did Big Kahuna kill a prisoner for show he impeded the largest need of a much larger colony. Louis riel stopped westward expansion dead in its tracks for the time that he was given but he was a nuisance during that time and not just give it a bump in the road but gave a wall in the way which was his political power but he was overrun( voices and visions pg. 183). All in all Louis was a great threat to anyone he came upon and was a traitor to people who believed him a

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