Louis Riel's Uprising: The North-West Uprising

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North-West Uprising The North-West Uprising was a battle between the Canadian government and the people living in the North-West. The uprising was caused by a series of events. The government was slow in handing out land grants and treaties to the Métis, land was devoted to the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), and the rights were not known to the Métis. Métis/Natives tried to solve matters out peacefully with John A. Macdonald. prime minister of the Canadian Government. However, the Métis were ignored multiple times and started to use violence to receive attention. Louis Riel, the leader of the Métis had an open, organized, and armed action against the Canadian government. The people living in the North-West had no intentions of rebelling against …show more content…

Louis Riel became fed up with the Canadian government. He organized a group of people as the leader with the Métis and Natives in order to rebel against the government. He lead the people in the North-West to believe that the government is mistreating them. Riel decision to rebel was solely made by himself. Riel also had the choice of negotiating peacefully; however, he went forth thinking rebelling was the only choice. Riel gathered armed forces in order to attack the Canadian government. He was able to convince, the chiefs of Cree, and Military leader of the Métis. The army created by Riel used guerilla tactics and was armed with weapons. A stable government was already in place at the time; however, Riel sets up a provisional government which is going against the government. The North-West Uprising was extremely violent. The Métis attacked the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) on the way to rescue arms and ammunition stored in Duck Lake. The government declines a Chiefs offer by not giving food to the Natives. The Cree immediately raids a fort for supplies. The Natives and Métis did not even try to negotiate in other ways, the Red River Army continues to attack until they are defeated by the Canadian Militia, the uprising went for 99 days, 88 people were killed and cost the Canadian government 5 million dollars. What Riel did matches the definition of Rebellion, he had organized attacks and went against the Canadian government with an armed

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