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A Walk to Remember is a story all about the sweetness of love and how do you sacrifice for love. This story can view the two person got madly in love to each other. It is written by the American writer named Nicholas Sparks, it is his third novel in the summer of 1999. The story was inspired his younger sister name Danielle Sparks Lewis, who like Jamie died of cancer in June 2000. This story is largely fictional; certain parts of this will be based on the real experiences of the two persons. He wrote it to know that a wonderful thing can be happened with the power of love. It has been adapted for a film during 2002 directed by Adams Shankman. This film produced by Denise Di Novi and Hunt Lowry for Warner Brothers. The leading…show more content…
They does not care if other don’t want their relationship like the friends of Landon Rollins Carter, do some public scandal to the picture of Jamie to destroy them, but Landon never leave Jamie instead he comfort him and he fight his friend for the sake of her girl. Another thing that makes love strong is, when Reverend wants to separate her daughter from that guy but he did not succeed. They prove that loves conquers everything and also it views that love is a matter of…show more content…
The flow of the story is nice because you don’t expect that the two person with different behaviours being in love to each other. It really shown in the film that this is true life story of a two person. It is very inspiring because seems how love is powerful; through love can make people change; through love you can do everything; no one can stop you or dictate you if you are in the influence of love. For me; it is the best example of love story movie and you can learn a lot of lesson from it. I suggest watching this movie with your love ones; with your parents for them to understand the feeling of the teenagers; and with friend. In the plot they are involve so they must be watch it for them to easily understand the teenagers of todays. If you watch this you may learn and know the real meaning of

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