Summary Of Quotes From 'The Kite Runner'

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Contrasts & Contradictions Quote: ‘“So, according to you, Cedric Diggory dropped dead of his own accord, did he?’ Harry asked, his voice shaking.” (page 245) Explanation: I did not expect Harry to shout at Professor Umbridge about what happened during the last event if the Triwizard Tournament, after she already gave him detention, Hermione tried to stop him, and he already shouted at her and she didn 't believe him. However, Harry is doing this because Professor Umbridge got on his last nerve, after everyone called him out for “lying” and Professor Umbridge was exceedingly annoying and rude towards everyone, especially Harry. Quote: ‘“Dumbledore’s Army, Cornelius,” said Dumbledore, still smiling as he waved the list of names before Fudge’s …show more content…

Not only is this advice for Occlumency, but also in general. It teaches Harry to not be vulnerable or depressed all the time, instead when something major is going on, it shows him not to sink in self pity, but be brave and try your hardest. This will affect Harry because when he goes against Voldemort and his Death Eaters, if something happens that crushes him, for example, one of his friends hurting, he won 't just stop and start crying, he will take that as another reason to rage and fight against him. Quote: ‘“You do care,’ said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. ‘You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it’’’ (page …show more content…

Hermione and Ron leaned in closer; Hermione even put down her quill. ‘Look — there’s something wrong with her wing —’ Hedwig was quivering; when Harry made to touch the wing she gave a little jump, all her feathers on end as though she was inflating herself, and gazed at him reproachfully.” (page 356) Explanation: Harry realises that Hedwig has got hurt when she went out to deliver a letter to Sirius. This moment might change things because Harry now knows someone is out to hurt and Harry will now look out. Also, since he thinks Umbridge might have to do with it, he will have another reason to hate her. Quote: ‘“The boy’s seeing things from inside You-Know-Who’s snake…Obviously, Potter doesn’t realize what that means, but if You-Know-Who’s possessing him —”’ (page 491) Explanation #2: Harry and his friends figure out that Voldemort is controlling Harry. This might change things because now Harry might feel that he might hurt people he’s close to, and will try to distance himself from them. The others might try to help him, though with no outcome. Or, he might have another reason to hate Voldemort and when he meets him, he might rage on him. Also, Harry might try to hide out to Sirius, for help or safety. Again &

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