Magda Brown: Holocaust Survivor Of The Holocaust

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Most of you might not know. who Magda Brown is but she is a Holocaust survivor. Some of you might not know what the Holocaust is but let me explain. it is the time between 1933 to 1945 when Adolf Hitler killed at least 6 million jews. Their were so many laws passed to make life harder for jews.They were called nuremberg laws.There was 121 other laws passed (1 page 38) just for the jews.There was a lot of jews were that being forced to migrate. The jews did not have a say and they were dropped off at Polish border(1).this all happend to Magda Brown emagen you magda as you are reading this it will help you understand.
Magda Brown was born on June 11,1927 on February(2) 9, 2017 she is 90 years old today(2)when she was 16 years
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