Compare And Contrast The Holocaust And Magda Brown

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My paper is going to be about the Holocaust and Magda Brown. I am going to talk about the Holocaust first and what it is. The Holocaust was a time when the German did not like the jewish people. They would lock Jewish people up and take them to camps and make them their slaves. This whole thing started with Hitler who did not like the jewish. That is a summary of what the Holocaust was and what it was like. Now about Magda Brown and who she is. Know Magda Brown is a jewish woman who survived the Holocaust. She had horrible things happen to her and she still survived. ( Magda's Story and Rice, Earle.) Now a little about the Holocaust is that it had 121 laws passed. This was just to make life difficult for the German Jews. Know their was also something called the Nuremberg laws. This is where it made Jews no longer German citizens. After that they picked up 17,000 - 18,000 jews, and dropped them off at the …show more content…

Magda Brown was born on June 11, 1927 and was born in Miskolc Hungary. She was the youngest in the family by 2. When Magda was among 14,000. At that point they were placed in a transition camp in Miskolc called the brickyard. Then on her 17th birthday her and 80 people including her family were sent into a boxcar, with no food or water. After the boxcar got to its destination it was the last time she saw her parents. After that Magda got placed everywhere. Eventually she escaped and was free. After the war she found her aunt and uncle. She also found 2 cousins. Her Aunt and uncle took her in. At that point she went to high school for 1 semester but left because she couldn't handle the stress. After trying high school she got a job offer as a receptionist. Soon after that she got a degree as a certified medical assistant. She then got married to Robert Brown, and had a daughter and son. She soon found her brother Milkos after 20 years. She is now also a grandma of 5 and a proud grandmother. ( Magda's Story

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