Manfred Richthofen Biography

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The notorious Red Baron was an amazing flying ace during world war one. His real name was Manfred von Richthofen. He joined the German air force in 1915, transferring from the cavalry. His first flight was when he began training to be in the air force. The enemy had superior aircraft, but he had excellent fighting tactics that were superior to his enemy,. He spent the rest of his life in the air force, and he served for 7 years until he was shot down. Manfred von Richthofen was born in Kleinburg, Germany on may 2, 1892. Manfred’s father was Major Albrecht Philipp Karl Julius Freiherr von Richthofen and his mother was Kunigunde von Schickfus und Neudorff. Manfred also had three siblings, an older sister, Ilse, and two younger brothers. When…show more content…
He first flew when he began training, his first flight ended with him crashing the plane. After time, Manfred gained skill and became an excellent pilot. Richthofen experienced his first victory in the skies over Cambrai, France on 17 September 1916. Later in his career, he earned an award and became the leader of the fighting, squadron Jasta 11(Stardust Studios). Richthofen flew many aircrafts but by far he is most famous for flying a blood red Fokker Dr.1. An idea came to him one day, to paint his aircrafts red to intimidate his opponents . His squadron decided to paint their aircraft red to imitate their leader and reduce the chance of their adversaries singling out Richthofen. Despite the popular link between Richthofen and the Fokker Dr.1, only 19 of his 80 kills were made in this type of aircraft. The baron died in his Fokker Dr.1 after getting shot in the chest damaging his lung and heart, he made a rough landing that slightly damaged his Fokker…show more content…
“The brilliant pilot, who was credited with a staggering 80 kills in the war, was shot down as he chased a British Sopwith Camel plane over the River Somme near Amiens in France at just 400 ft from the ground.” (Daily Mail) Manfred von Richtofen was 25 during this fight. The exact person who shot the baron is not known, the two highly debated suspects are, the anti-air aircraft units on the ground and the canadians and british that were in the dog fight. After Richthofen was shot, he was able to roughly land his plane with minimal damage to the plane. Richthofen died shortly after landing, and his plane was dismembered by souvenir hunters. The Red Baron was buried in South Cemetery Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, Germany (Postmedia). To conclude, the Red Baron was an amazing pilot that killed 80 adversaries. He went to school until age 11, then began military training. In 1911 Manfred joined the cavalry but was unhappy, he wanted to see action and participate in the fighting. In 1915 he joined the German air force. He gained control of a fighting squadron, Jasta 11. He had an idea one day, to paint all his planes red. He received a serious head injury in a dogfight but survived. The Red Baron was killed on April, 21 1918 after being shot in the chest causing damage to his lung and
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