Margaret Cook Murder Essay

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The man, whose identity has not yet been released, now lives in a senior care facility in Ontario, according to [url= t=_blank]Yahoo News[/url]. He reportedly went into a nearby police station to confess to the crime so many years ago, halfway across the world.

The police searched through all the unsolved murder cases from that time frame. Such records are kept on file for 100 years. Scotland Yard detectives then flew to meet the man and were able to match his statement to one file, belonging to Margaret Cook, who was 26 when she was killed.

The man searched through pictures of at least a dozen women before picking out Ms. Cook’s picture.

He claims he shot the call girl with a Russian-made Second World War pistol after she reportedly cheated him out of money. He also told investigators the alleged crime occurred outside the Blue Lagoon nightclub. …show more content…

Reportedly, the police gave chase to the shooter, before he disappeared into a crowd near a subway

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