Marginalization In Mahasweta Devi's 'Mother Of 1084'

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Mahasweta Devi had a prominent voice on the international sphere who is prosecuting for the right of equality of unprivileged subaltern and oppressed section of society by expressing miserable condition through her pen. This novel Mother of 1084 is one of the best creations of her writings which is set in the circumstances that is based on patriarchal social structure and how a woman is thrown at the margin of the society by the male dominated social system. The analysis of the novel gives a glimpse of all; misery of a woman created by the patriarchal hindrances and the place of women in the social structure. In the novel Mahasweta Devi portrays the problems of the marginalized or suppressed women in the social sphere as well as unravels several physical and mental torments that an individual faced by her society. Before acquainting ourself with the plight of marginalized, to know the exact meaning of the term ‘marginal’ or ‘marginalized’ is of vital importance. According to the Oxford Dictionary the concept ‘marginalize’ means ‘to make somebody feel as if they are not important and cannot influence decisions or events; or to put somebody in a powerless position’. So, the word ‘Marginalized’, refers to the group of people who are deprived of their minimum rights and are exploited.

In Post- colonial dialects the term ‘marginalized’ occupies a prominent place. The term ‘subaltern’ or ‘marginalized’ incorporates the entire people who are subordinates in terms of class,
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