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Marilise De Buck, an athlete, world traveler, caring friend, and intelligent scholar. She is an amazing athlete, who competes at the varsity level. In addition, Marilise is a knowledgeable and respectful student who cares about others and is adventurous and appreciates the small things in life. Marilise shows all these qualities through her love of life, selfless acts and intentions of caring, and scholarly and athletic achievements.

De Buck is a world traveler with an exciting life. She originates from London, however, she moved to Holland soon after that and considers herself Dutch. Like I said before, Marilise travels the globe. She has been to almost every country in Europe including, France, Spain, Germany, and Ireland. She has also …show more content…

She was one of the only freshman to make varsity field hockey and is a key contributor to one of the best teams on campus. She has been playing field hockey for 8 years and is a standout player, regarded as one of the best on the team. Recently, she suffered a concussion whilst playing in one of Peddie’s field hockey games. Despite her injury, Marilise is staying positive and not letting it affect her negatively. When speaking about field hockey, Marilise said one of her goals is to play field hockey in college. With hard work, this goal is truly attainable. Off the field, she stands out also. She receives outstanding grades and participates avidly in every class. Marilise is adjusting remarkably to school and will continue to succeed. She is also in honors math and excels in that class.

Marilise has accomplished many things in her life; a varsity letter, advanced classes, and has traveled the world. She is compassionate, loves working with others, and is looks forward to her daily ventures. Marilise is a well-rounded person with a multitude of talents. She has the experience and determination to find success during difficult times. She has a bright future ahead and if she continues to work hard there is no telling how far she can go with the talent and passion she

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