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Anne Frances Robbins was born on July 6th, 1921 in New York City, New York. She was the daughter of Kenneth Robbins who was a salesman and Edith Luckett Robbins who was an aspiring actress. Her parents got divorced when she was a baby. Anne was nicknamed “Nancy” when she was young and was raised by her aunt, Virginia, and uncle, C. Audley in Bethesda Maryland. As a child, Nancy went to Sidwell Friends School. Her mother, Edith, married a second time to a famous Chicago neurosurgeon, Doctor Loyal Davis, in 1929. Loyal Davis adopted Nancy at six years old and gave her the last name Davis. Nancy lived with her mom and new dad in their house in Chicago where she experienced wealth. She had the opportunity to study at the Girls’ Latin School. After graduating high school, she majored in English and drama at Smith College. In 1943 she received a Bachelor of Arts …show more content…

However, Nancy was not a communist nor has she been involved in communist actions. The name on the blacklist turned out to be another person with the name of Nancy Davis. She reached out to Ronald Reagan who was the president of Screen Actors Guild to seek help. From then on, the two grew interested in each other and started dating. Three years later, Reagan proposed to Nancy and they married on March 4th 1952. After the wedding, Nancy lived as a full time wife and a homemaker; although, she continued to act occasionally. She managed to finish three films, including one being paired with her husband on screen romantically: Hellcats of the Navy. The film the couple featured in was a World War II submarine drama. Completing television program guestings in the early 1960s, Nancy left the acting business to focus on raising her family. The couple now has four children, two from a previous marriage of Ronald, and two from Nancy: Patricia Ann and Ronald

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