Ronald Wilson Reagan

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Hello, I am Ronald Wilson Reagan. I was born on February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois. My father 's name was Jack Reagan and my mother 's name was Nelle Wilson Reagan. When I was born my dad came rushing through the door and looked at me once and said that I looked like a little dutchman and that nickname stuck. I was called dutch for most of my childhood. My dad drank a lot of alcohol and since our family couldn 't handle the shame, my family moved around most of the time. I was the new kid in school all the time . My first job was a lifeguard on the Rock River. I was fifteen years old. I saved 77 lives and a set of false teeth. Every time I saved a life, I would put a notch on a old log lying by the river.
During my high school years I went to Dixon High School. There I developed a interest in acting, sports, and, …show more content…

I attended Eureka College, a liberal arts school, where I learned how to be a cheerleader. I studied economics and sociology.and I graduated with a C average. I played football, and I was captain of the swim team. During college, I was elected student body president and led a strike against the college president after he tried to cut back on faculty. In 1937, I signed a seven year contract with the movie studio Warner Brothers. I was in over fifty movies in three decades. One of my best roles in filming was Knute Rockne, all American and the film Kings Row. In 1938 I co-starred in Brother Rat with Jane Wyman. In 1940, Jane and I were married. Together we had two children Maureen and Christine but sadly Christine only lived one day and adopted a son Michael. After many arguments, Jane filed for divorced and because of difference in politics at the time I was still a democrat and she was a republican. When the divorce was filed I started

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