Ronald Reagan Hero

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In grade school Reagan excelled over the other students. He received good grades and loved to read and write imaginative stories (Cohen 11). In In highschool he was popular among his peers and liked to participate in plays, he also played football, ran track, and swam. Throughout the summers he would work as a local lifeguard at Rock River. He in total saved 77 lives and kept that with him forever because he loved being seen as a hero (Brands 17). He attended Eureka college from 1928-1932. He majored in economics and sociology. There, he played football, ran track, captained the swim team, served as student council president and acted in school productions (Schaller 2). During the Great Depression Reagan’s father supported the family through a job by the Works Progress Administration's as part of the New Deal. This made Reagan a supporter of democratic president Franklin D. Roosevelt out of appreciation. Even after he dropped his liberal views he still was influenced by …show more content…

The first station he worked for was WOC in Davenport, Iowa and his second was WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. Here he would receive details of the Chicago Cubs game by telegraph and then restated the information into a more fluid way for the viewers listing in. Sometimes the wire feed would be interrupted and Reagan would fill the air time with humorous stories (Schaller 4). Once the line broke down and he kept the broadcast going by having the batter foul off pitch after pitch till the line was fixed (Cohen 16). Soon they switched to live broadcasting from Chicago, and many listeners complained that they would rather listen to the embellished version by Ronald Reagan. They found his voice reassuring and that it gave them hope (Brands 25). Reagan was known for his great communication skills and even at a young age he was able to capture an audience and give them inspiration that they were longing

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