Essay On Charloo Night Club Shooting

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Society has become a place filled with so much tragedy, from natural disasters to bomb threats, to school shootings and a massive amount of murders, resulting in an increase in deaths and paranoia. The first thing in such event, is an official should try to figure out the cause of the incident. Such example, could be the Orlando Night Club Shooting where a man named Omar Mateen killed innocent people due to his hatred towards homosexuals. In most cases, those found guilty have tended to be an adult and have had a “reason” for provoking the crime, but, now what if the person convicted of such crime were a child? Questions then arise as to, if a child should be convicted as an adult for committing crimes like homicide and if their logic of doing …show more content…

In the article, written by Paul Thompson, “Startling Finds on Teenage Brain”, states “In terms of cognitive development, as research on the human brain has shown, Brazil-- and any other young teen-- is far from adulthood”. This is implying that Nathaniel Brazill’s incident was an act of immaturity and had no justified reason for shooting his teacher in which he considered to be his favorite (Thompson 89). Yet the article clearly states next that prosecutors argued that by this child bringing a gun to school was a planned act. Planning deals with the conscious level of the brain and being aware of what is going around you. Therefore this shows the capability the child has in being aware of what he was going to do. In addition, “..juvenile justice systems have already lowered the age at which children could be transferred to adult courts sooner” (Garinger 93). This may have occurred due to many kids being tried as adults with first-degree murder due to planned events. Convicting a child to adults signifies that a child has done things compared and similar to adult action. Once a child is tried as an adult they are isolated and do not receive the attention they need. Trying them as adults will only make matters worse due to their inability to interact with society once set free. The opposing side displayed that research suggested adolescents squeezed through the adult system are more likely to come out as violent career criminals than similar kids handled on the juvenile side (Lundstrom 88). This is false, due to researching more about each child it has came to my knowledge that a majority of kids released had a tendency to go back in to jail for committing other crimes such as theft or assault. Speak of Alex King, whose’ story of “Angels of Death”,

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