Mark Everson Candidacy

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Mark Everson's Candidacy When one thinks about a United States President, one finds themselves thinking righteous and exceptional qualities that they have exuded and conducted throughout their time. However, when one is presented with the Republican presidential candidate known as Mark Everson, there aren't such qualities present. Everson is not a likely presidential candidate to find himself in the White House due to: not having a strategic campaign, having a scandalous past, and because of his current position in last place as the eighteenth Republican candidate. If you’ve heard anything about Everson, which you probably haven't because, prior to being a presidential candidate, no one did for that matter, it's about the ridiculous promises he plans to enact if he becomes President. He states that he will initiate "constructive solutions our country needs" such as; reforming the tax policy, serving a single term, and bringing back the military draft (Bumps). Not only do his promises make him lose the votes of the conservative party, his promises of bringing back the draft are off putting to many. …show more content…

After serving as IRS commissioner for four years he soon moved on to be the President of American Red Cross in 2007. However, after running the company for a short six-months, "he was asked to resign after the company learned he had an affair with a subordinate who subsequently became pregnant" and caused his marriage to end (Jacobs). However, it doesn’t end there. He also admitted, when he started his campaign in March, that "another unborn child of his had been aborted" (Bordelon). Then, two former employees of Alliantgroup, his company, tipped off the IRS of money laundering. They claimed "the company had coached clients on improper tax workarounds that cost the agency as much as $712 million in wrongly awarded refunds"

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