Mark Twain's Depiction Of Higher Animals

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The author's depiction of man's descent from “higher animals” communicate a valid message as the author relates his ideas using experimentation and accurate past events. Mark Twain persuades the reader in utilizing reliable figures along with proven evidence and thus adding to the validity of his argument. Furthermore, as he points out that information in a visible form, with a clear intent of proving humanities downfall Twain gives multiple accounts of man's collapse from higher order through the use of scientific methods devised by him. As well as captivating an emotional response of the audience over the use of language choices and equitable claims. In fact, his assertion tempts the logic applying rational reasons. Twain extensively explored …show more content…

Twain uses a scientific method as explained by him without the use of opinion or to disclose his beliefs made for a trustworthy writer. To prove that, he gathered information revealing the descent of man. In this, he made clear of every possible assumption. By setting up legitimacy ahead of the essay, Twain can play with the audiences' desires later when he reveals his tests to be a relationship between human and animal traits. By utilizing experimental differentiations between man and animals Twain reasonably shows that people, in their brutal attributes and sporadic practices, are entirely worse than the animals. Twain's argument from a scientist's perspective not only make him trustworthy to the readers but on the other hand also make his claims valid. To point out his claim as legitimate, Twain states that he "verified and established each step of my course in its turn before advancing to the next." (par. 2) In other words, to explain the significance of his study, he provides an in-depth look into differences and commonalities of man and species and thus proving once again that man has declined from the highest

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