Science And Technology In A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court

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Science and technology can be perceived as redirecting the society in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Mark Twain as we know is a considerably enjoyable writer and in this book he wants the readers to see that science and technology can be a savior to mankind. Science and technology as we know has given us so many more opportunity for development in our societies. In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Hank Morgan uses his knowledge to his advantage in the society he was whisked back to, by setting himself free before being executed fooling the king and Merlin, by saying on (pg.36) “The ECLIPSEIn the stillness and the darkness, realization soon began to supplement knowledge”, and fooling a poor man named Clarence by explaining that he was some sort of “magician” himself. By saying these things Hank gets himself out of situations that people in this society wouldn’t think of getting out of and they would just accept their fate. He believes he has the biggest advantage in the situation presented to him and practically brushes it off his shoulders by stating on (pg.18), “Wherefore, being a practical …show more content…

Science and Technology bring a whole new sense of enlightenment to any society in any period of time and that’s what Twain wants us to see. That yes while each society of its time is perfect there is always room for development to make it more perfect. Like Twain states on (pg.49), “ Inherited ideas are a curious thing, and interesting to observe and examine.”, see what you can take from this is that every person is capable of making a new idea and while some are better than others they all are still wonderful ideas. Twain you should believe is looking forward to the many new developments of his society with the help of science and technology being the

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