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Mark Twain was an interesting man and an excellent writer, but what was he really like? Mark Twain wrote many famous books that are read by various readers from when they were first written and still to this day being read and enjoyed by millions. But Mark Twain was not the most enjoyable or nicest person to be around or meet. Although some of his writing makes him sound like a very nice man and can be misinterpreted. Who is Mark Twain and what was he like?

First off, Mark Twain is a world renowned author and man. He wrote plenty famous books for example "Tom Sawyer" and many more. His books are wonderful and if you have not read one I highly recommend it. He was a man full of knowledge when it came to writing. He wrote most of his books between 1835 and 1910 but they are still being devoured and enjoyed by many readers today. Mark Twain was a traveler and often wrote books on places he would travel. His books are wonderful …show more content…

I wonder if Mark did this because he knew that his books would be all around the world so he wanted to look good. When really he was a very rude person and not enjoyable. If you don 't believe me remember what Mark said about killing the man? This is what he says in a book about himself. "to make my compliments to you, my fellow-teachers of the great public, and likewise to say that I am right glad to see that Doctor Holmes is still in his prime and full of generous life" (Twain 3).

Finally, I think Mark Twain was not as nice a person as he makes himself out to be in many of his books. He often says very mean things to nice people. As the old saying goes "don 't judge a book by it 's cover" don 't judge Mark by his books do some extra digging. Life was not easy for Twain but that does not change how you are supposed to treat people and be a kind person. Twain was often cruel and not a nice person it is a shame but he did write good books and was a man full of

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