Mark Twain: The Jumping Frog

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Mark Twain Do you know Mark Twain? Let me tell you a little something about him that might interest you. Mark Twain began to be an author in the early 1867 and came to New York from San Francisco. Mark Twain had known a guy named Charles H. Webb who he had met in San Francisco. Webb said that Mark had some reputation in the Atlantic States, but he knew that it must be of a very attenuated sort. What there was of it rested upon the story of "The Jumping Frog." When Artemus Ward passed through California on a lecturing tour, in 1865 or 1866, Mark told Webb the "Jumping Frog" story, in San Francisco, and he asked Mark to write it out and send it to his publisher Carleton, in New York. It reached Carleton in time, but he didn 't think much about
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