Nirvana On Earth Essay

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Lata who is educated doesn’t understand how one could lead a happy life with a partner she has never chosen but that she is made to like the choice made by the elders. Seth tries to show how the elders of the family always imbibe in their children to follow their life partners throughout their life. Growing in such atmosphere, even the younger generation obeys their parents to the maximum extent. Lata also shows the obedience towards her mother. This was expressed by Lata’s friend, Malati : Well, marriage then. I’m wondering whom you’ll get married to. Your mother will get you married off within a year. I’m sure of it. And like an obedient little mouse, you’ll obey her. (ASB 30) Vikram Seth has crowned the custom, ‘marriage’ which is looked up with deep respect …show more content…

That they may equally assist each other throughout life by reciprocal affection and cares…( Raja Rao 80) Osho, the great thinker says on marriage that, without marriage there will be no misery- and no laughter either, there will be so much silence, it will be Nirvana on the Earth. Marriage keeps thousands of things going on; The religion, the state, the nation, the wars, the literature, the movies, the science, everything, in fact, depends on the institution of marriage. He further says: I am not against marriage; …It is a great push for transcendence. Marriage is not un-necessary, it is needed to bring you to your senses, to bring you to tour sancity. Marriage is necessary and yet comes a point when you have to transcend it too. It is like a ladder. You go up the ladder, it takes you up, but there comes a moment when you have to leave the ladder behind. If you go on clinging to the ladder, then there is danger. It is a mirror; It shows your face to you in all its different aspects. And it is all needed for your maturity.

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