Enlightenment Dbq Essay

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Enlightenment was a time period that revolved around philosophy, science, and society, and is less focused on religion. Enlightenment includes a concept proposed by the philosopher John Locke that all humans, when they are born, are entitled to basic human rights. The Enlightenment also includes the thought that things in the universe are constant, leading away from such a strong reliance on God. The concept of Enlightenment inspired many proceeding declarations, including the USA’s declaration because it encouraged equality to all men. John Locke was an Enlightenment thinker who proposed that as humans, we are entitled to basic rights and that when we are born we are blank canvases and are thereafter altered by our surroundings. Sir Isaac …show more content…

In what ways did the Glorious Revolution relate to these later revolutions (and to the Enlightenment)? The ideas of the Enlightenment shaped the revolutions of the late seventeen hundreds in numerous ways. Because of the Enlightenment, people began to question their surrounding, leading to the separation of religion and the monarchy. This was vital because it lessened the strength of the monarchy. The Enlightenment allowed people to see that they had certain rights that they were given at birth, and that no one, not even the monarchy, could take these rights away. These basic rights are the foundations of most standing constitutions to date. A majority of the revolutions in the late 1700s were sparked because of the desire to reformat the constitution and to bring more power to the people. When the people in the lower tiers of the agricultural pyramid began to realize that they had a massive size advantage and a huge impact on society the path to start revolutions was practically paved. The enlightenment thinker Jean Jacques Rousseau sparked the idea that your government needs to actually needs benefit you and that the relationship is not one sided. This allowed people to question their own governments on a whole new scale and was another major contributor to the revolutions of the late seventeen

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