Martin Luther King Jr Wrongful Words Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr. has become one of the most recognizable figures of human history; mainly for fighting for the rights of the people and never backing down to societies wrongly actions of the time. Until now, I have never had an extended amount of thought of his speech, or how it applied to my life as of now. However, in more ways than I could possibly imagine does his speech apply to my life on numerous levels. Martin Luther King expresses in his speech that the people need to stand against wrongful actions, for when wrongful actions are made greater consequences are to come of it. This applies to my life because every day I encounter different situations, obstacles and objectives that I am persistent to defeat. If one wrong choice, one …show more content…

However, when it comes to democracy his words take on a whole new level of importance. King’s words are important to a democracy because he expressed that the rights given to the people of America should be followed in all circumstances. The First Amendment states that citizens are given the freedom to speak, right of press, right to petition, and right to peaceably assemble without the interference of Congress. King call’s attention to the unfairness of the city of Memphis, Tennessee restricting the freedom to peaceably assemble in response to the sanitation workers strike. By calling attention to this issue and not letting it sit on the back burner to marinate; he is starting a change in how issues are handled or how they are supposed to be handled. If the unrighteousness of oppressing citizens to freely express themselves through speech or peaceably assembly. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words will never be forgotten; in fact, they will forever be carved into our history books for decades to come. His words were not only important in a political manner, for they were also important to the citizens who believed in his words on a grander scale. He impacted endless lives of his time who stood alongside him for what not only he believed in, but what countless others did as

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