Martin Luther Relationship

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Martin Luther grew up as a Christian and died as both a Christian and a heretic. In his heart, Luther believed himself a Christian his whole life even though he was excommunicated from the Church by the Pope. The relationship between Martin Luther and the Catholic Church was complicated. Luther became a monk, and he devoted his life to be the best monk he could be. Unfortunately, he fell into Anfechtung, a state of depression due to the absence of God. Luther acknowledged his state of being and attempted to find God. He sought out countless confessions and read the Bible diligently in hope of answers. One night, Luther found the answer he was after: “Justification by faith alone.” That concept would lead Luther to question the Church vehemently. On that night, Luther’s relationship with the Catholic Church began to break, but his relationship with God began to grow. Martin Luther escaped Anfechtung and devoted the rest of his life to sharing his realization with others in an attempt to bring the Church to a true state of Christian devotion. The Pope, expectedly, despised Luther for his rebellious and bold acts. Luther, in turn, detested the Pope for being blind to the proper way, in Luther’s eyes, of Christianity.
One of the conflicts between the Pope and Luther stemmed from the definition of sacraments. The seven traditional sacraments are confirmation, marriage, extreme unction, penance, ordination, baptism, and Lord’s Supper. The Profession of Faith of Michael Paleologus

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