Mary Mcleod Bethune's Impact On Society

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Mary McLeod Bethune has impacted our world in many ways with her education and the way she viewed the world. She was a very educated women and was a part of many associations. She had a huge part in helping the blacks to freedom and even helping the women in America. She was an educator and she even worked with the presidents. She spent a lot of time and effort getting the world to where it is today. It was her dedication and hard work that helped the blacks have the equality that they have today.
Mary McLeod Bethune has a lot of experiences in her life that affected her in a positive way. Her full name is Mary Jane Mcleod Bethune. She was born in Mayesville, South Carolina on July 10, 1875. When she was young she dealt with
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She carried a cane for effect and was often described as ebony. In class her students called her “Mama Bethune”("Mary McLeod Bethune."). Dr. Robert Weaver said “She had the most marvelous gift of effecting feminine helplessness in order to attain her aims with masculine ruthlessness” ("Mary McLeod Bethune."). She was known as”The first lady of the struggle” ("Mary McLeod Bethune.") because of how committed she was to making African Americans lives easier. She was invited to attend the Child Welfare Conference put together by Calvin Coolidge. She was also elected as the president of The Southeastern Federation of Colored Women’s…show more content…
Bethune worked hard from the day she was born to the day she died. She devoted her life to getting African Americans the rights they deserved. One of her most famous quotes is “We live in a world which respects power above all things. Power, intelligently directed, can lead to more freedom. Unwisely directed, it can be a deadly, destructive force” ("African American Quotes."). In this quote she is saying that she wanted a world where African Americans had as much power as whites did. Mary McLeod Bethune is deeply appreciated for what she has done and her
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