Masculinity In Picturing Will

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Masculinity and feminine overtime transform due to genetics, family background. And society. Gender shows how a person attitude, behaviors values, and cultures describe males and females.In picturing Will, Ann Beattie presents three different characters. Jody is a successful wedding photographer and a single mother after divorcing from Wayne. Wayne is seen as a teenager, he shows it by cheating on his wifes and also abandons his kid. However, on the other side, Mel is a responsible and caring parent who puts family over anything. Jody, Wayne, and Mel show different traits of femininity and masculinity.

Jody has been single for five years, however, she bounced back from her divorce in a strong way. Jody is a loving mother, and very …show more content…

Waynes definition of being a man is about how many women he can sleep with and thinks of marriage as a joke.Wayne sleeps with other women even when he is married and he is always the dominant one in the relationship. Wayne also walks away from his kid, Will. Wayne is not the father type to raise a son because he is still a teenager in his head. Wayne does fulfill the traits of masculinity in some ways. He is the dominant person in the relationship and always sees himself as biggest person in the room.

Mel also falls in the trit of masculinity even more than Wayne because he is a caring man developed a very close relationship with Wil. unlike Wayne, Mel has future plans and wants to be a writer one day. Mel also loves to provide for his family and is every responsible of Wil. However, Mel does have emotional touch, he does show that he's a better man than Wayne by taking care of Will and also convincing Will to go see Wayne.

In conclusion, all three characters symbolize the traits of femininity and masculinity. in the end of the novel, the readers can see that Wayne is not a true man yet and Mel is the responsible one out of the two. Jody is seen as a regular caring mother in today's world. Wayne, on the other hand, can be seen cool because he can get women and reckless.while Mel can be seen as a soft guy because he is loving and

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