Master Of The Danngles Analysis

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Master of the Dangles There is no doubt in my mind, I was born with a hockey stick in my hands. Like my dad, I have grown to love the sport with a passion, most notably dangling. For people who have never played hockey before, they may not understand how the word is portrayed to hockey players. Dangling is when fancy, or skilled stickhandling is used to keep the puck away from the opponent. Although hockey as a whole has captivated my love of the game, this specific aspect has intrigued my attention more than the rest. I have always been impressed the most with players who dangle around the opposition. For this reason, there aren’t many activities that give me as much enjoyment as the thrill of going out on a sheet of ice, and competing with another team to show off my dangles. Early on, I wanted to excel in this area of the game the most for some reason. Looking back to my beginning …show more content…

Making the defender think I will skate somewhere and then go somewhere else is primarily the goal. With that, watching other hockey games and studying how players attack can help with knowing how to get by, but by far the most important thing is practice. Getting the other player to attack a certain direction and then going a different way will take a shocking amount of practice. In conclusion, if you don’t have the determination and work ethic to get good at it, this is a waste of time. It takes countless hours of practice to master the skill of dangling. It’s definitely not something that can master in a short period of time. I wouldn’t doubt the saying practice makes perfect came from dangling because of how well it applies. If you want to be a master of the art, your determination will have to be of the utmost priority. As a young kid, my determination came from just the fun of dangling. It pushed me to get better, and now I couldn’t be happier for the effort I put

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