Personal Narrative: A Career In Hockey

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The Sport is a devastating road to heartbreak and failure. (I suggest, To experience sports, you have to experience heartbreak and failure - sounds a bit awkward to say “the sport”).

It is the definition of it.

Don't get me wrong, sports can lead to success, fame, and many other glorious things that others can't imagine. Like the money, land and the "acquaintances" Unfortunately, this huge world of sports has become a place where selfishness and money lead to success. Creating an area where it is impossible to play, leading kids to struggle and no careers.

I am a huge fan of sports and always aspired to one day to play in the NHL, yet my childhood dream was crushed after facing the harsh reality of the real road to a career in sports.
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Through hard work and dedication, I quickly began to excel in hockey, but to me, hockey wasn't about winning, in my mind it about making it to the NHL and coming together as a team. Yet one of those things was worse than I thought. I joined a league where I could play and make friends, while we all worked towards the same goal. From that point on I moved higher in the divisions, trying to create what I thought was a capable future of sports. I was constantly on the ice, my nose was always runny, my toes were frozen and my face was always cold. It was at that time in my life where I realized I was improving, and my dream of becoming a pro hockey player could really become a…show more content…
Despite betrayal from teammates, coaches will act the same way, you could be the best player in the world but money always conquers skill, it crushes players dreams and ruins their confidence. Everyone is so focused on how much money they get when they should really look at the skill of these hardworking players.

This changed my whole outlook on sports, making myself believe is it worth it to try? I thought, no matter how good I am there was the person who topples me with huge stacks of money. It's a cruel world where money towers over hard work and skill.

I know that if you are the best in the world these factors will not affect you. unfortunately, we live in a cruel harsh world where not everyone can be the best. And this is when sports can really drive a young kid's life into
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