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After sorting and figuring with the scores of my MBTI and when I figured out the results and the results of mine says ISTJ (Introversion, sensing, thinking, judging) and it states that I am quiet, serious, earn success by thoroughness and dependability. Practical, matter-of-fact, realistic, and responsible. Decide logically what should be done and work toward it steadily, regardless of distractions. Take pleasure in making everything orderly and organized—their work, their home, their life. Value traditions and loyalty. When I saw my result, I was surprised because it really is who I am and in my opinion, I thought that the MBTI that I got is totally matched to my personality a lot and I do not see anything that isn’t described my personality …show more content…

I don’t really like going out and socialize with other people, I think it’s tiring and annoying to socialize with them and I’m not very outgoing. Since I am not extraversion, I don’t usually talk and think at the same time. I also don’t really talk a lot and I think a lot of things and keep things to me, making harder for everyone to talk to me. Also, I like to think about anything practical and I don’t really like to imagine things because I don’t have so much creativity in me and I notice that I don’t really like to think about anything that are theoretical, most of the time I think they are silly. I usually depend on thinking about things than my emotions because sometimes I know what is wrong and right but I still can notice that my emotion cloud my decision which makes me feel confused and conflicted a lot of times, so I usually don’t depend on my emotions when making decisions. I also like to make decision right away so I won’t feel disorganized and I hate obsessing over things that I did not get to finish anything, and I really like to be organized, well I also have mild obsessive compulsive disorder so it’s hard for me not to be organized. For example, I like to finish all of my school assignment over the weekend and don’t submit them until I think they are all right answers until the day due for the assignment. Also, I hate …show more content…

I noticed that his is similar to my results expect he got more scores on perceiving instead of judging. He got 2 scores for extraversion, 19 scores for introversion, 16 scores for sensing, 9 scores for intuition, 13 scores for thinking, 11 scores for feeling, 7 scores for judging, and 15 scores for perceiving. I thought it is strange and interesting because I got judging—hates last minute plans and very organized, and he got perceiving instead of judging—likes to do things last minute and not really organized. I thought it is strange and interesting because we are a little different and opposite to what we usually do and we usually get along with each other except for making decision. For example, I asked my fiancé where to get lunch, and when he asked me to decide, I thought about it long enough then decide where we should eat lunch, but then my fiancé would say why not just look around and see what we have around here and get lunch, it pisses me off because I hate making decision and then told me that we are going to do something else than what I made a decision/plan for. Other than that, we don’t usually fight over anything except for last minute

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